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Scallops - Diver - (4 lb. Pkg.)
Scallops - Diver
Scallops - Diver
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Quantity: 4 lb. Pkg.

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The sweet, nutty flavor and refreshing ocean scent make our Divers Scallops a delicious treat. Our Diver Scallops are hand picked from the cold waters of New England, and delivered straight to your door for a succulent seafood experience. Scallops are a joy to prepare because they come together so quickly and are so versatile. Cooking scallops only takes a few minutes due to their light and tender texture. Divers Scallops are excellent for baking, broiling, frying, or sautéing. Try cooking scallops with sherry, butter, and breadcrumbs for a delicious meal. Diver Scallops also make an excellent addition to stir-fry dishes.